Let’s Talk Feet

By Alysaa Ashley Phyars, DPM

We can all agree that the foot is the most overworked part of the body .We walk to and from places, we go jogging, we get in our cars and we still have to use our feet. We cannot go anywhere without them. They are very important to our daily routines and yet, we neglect to give them the attention they need. In this article I will give you some pointers on how to better take care of your feet, but first contemplate the text in Psalm 116:8,  “For you have delivered my soul from death, my eyes from tears and my feet from falling.

So how can we deliver our feet from falling?

Let’s look at dry feet:  Dry feet are a very common problem especially in the winter time. We can combat dry feet with a very good deep penetrating moisturizer, which will place moisture into the heels and then keep it there. With this you should use socks to just make sure the moisture isn’t rubbed off unto your floors and everywhere else but your heels. I have found the best product for heel cracking is from southern hospitality and it’s called heel balm.

Let’s look at “stinky” feet: The main cause of stinky feet is Athlete’s Foot, which is caused by a fungus that may be found anywhere. This is usually treated with prescription antifungal creams prescribed by your podiatrist, but in the mean time Gold Bond Foot powder decreases the scent and eliminates moisture but doesn’t take care of the problem. Also, it is best to clean your bathtub with Chlorox to prevent infecting others of the same household.

Let’s look at achy feet: This is the number one complaint, “my foot hurts”. First of all, wear comfortable shoes! I would suggest that if you stand on your feet most of the day, when you get home, you should soak your foot in some warm water with Epsom salt. This works wonders; it eliminates toxins, cures skin problems, soothes aching limbs, eases muscle strain, and it heals cuts. In addition you should elevate your feet for at least 30 minutes when you get home. Also good arch supports are essential in preventing achy feet. In addition I have 3 little tricks to help out with achy feet.

 1.  ROLLING: If you're sitting at home with your shoes off, place a rolling pin under one foot. Roll back and forth on the pin with that foot; then do the same with the other foot. This is a way of giving yourself a foot massage without pulling your feet into your lap or getting down on the floor.

2.  POINTING: prop your legs up so that they're facing straight out in front of you and are parallel to the floor. Point your toes forward, like a ballerina pointing her extended foot, and hold that position for 15 seconds. Then relax your toes and reposition your feet so that your toes are pointing toward the ceiling. Repeat this routine 10x. 

3.  TURNING: With your legs propped up in front of you and parallel to the floor, curl your toes, and then (keeping your heels on the surface where they're propped) turn your feet inward. Hold this position for five seconds. Then allow your toes and feet to return to their former, relaxed position.

In conclusion take care of your feet because they take care of you!


Alysaa Ashley Phyars, DPM

Ephesus SDA Church Communications, Contributor