Humanity is on the brink of eternity. Before we know it life on this earth will come to its appointed end as Jesus is seen coming on the clouds of glory. We are all making decisions each day that impact our destiny. Will you be saved? Will you be lost? Can you have the assurance of salvation? Join Ephesus Youth Church as we look at stories and prophecies from the book of Daniel in search of clarity during these uncertain times. You can have the assurance of salvation! This sermon series is sure to establish your faith on the firm foundation of the Word. The messages are tailored for people of all ages so bring the whole family. If you can't make it down to the church then catch us online as we stream these services live. Don't miss out on this opportunity, this series can and will change your eternal destiny so just show up and allow God to do the rest.


3/1 (Friday), 7pm: The Invisible Clock

3/2 (Saturday), 11am: The Invisible Kingdom

3/8 (Friday), 7pm: The Invisible Plan

3/9, (Saturday), 11am: The Invisible Man

3/15 (Friday), 7pm: The Invisible War

3/16 (Saturday), 11am: The Invisible Messiah

3/22 (Friday), 7pm: The Invisible Problem

3/23 (Saturday), 11am: From Invisible to Visible