Prayer Requests

  • im praying for my life and my family's. may GOD favored me and cure me from any illness i may have .Amen


  • God help me find the truth....forgive me of my sins, be with my my family, bless my work, help me to tell the truth to your children and be me strong and have courage in everything i do...


  • Lord, thank you for answering my special prayers and also the prayers of the Saints who prayed for me, so quickly. Today, I am praying for guidance and protection in my new situation. Help me to do...


  • Lord I pray that we as a church find the creative faith to get down and ask YOU to bless the creative talents and efforts of this generation so as to allow us the priviledge and opportunity to crea...


  • Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

    Please pray that the Lord will allow me to be chosen for a job I was interviewed for.

    Pray also that God will lead and help all my family member...


  • My wife Johanna (33 yrs old) was diagnosed with a rare autoimmune condition back in August and she has been suffering a lot from inflammation, joint pain, arthritis and anemia. The doctors have no ...


  • Please pray for me, continues to struggle in my Christian walk

    with God.


  • I am requesting my church family to please pray for my husband and myself. We encountering some difficulties in paying our bills. My husband is a retired nurse and I feel he's  putting all the burd...

    N. Hall

  • Help me to pray, giving God thanks always for all the good and bad things that are happening in my life right now. Please ...


  • jennifer to meet a partner that would love her unconditional who is loyal,faithful and weathly leading into marriage and loves jesus


  • I want to thank the Lord for making things better in our life. Please pray that He will continue to bless our health that we will see improvements and continue to be cautious. Pray that we will mak...

    Brandon & Stacey

  • Please pray for  my  twin daugthers as  we  go against the New York City Department of Education  for an  impartial hearing  for  school placement  for special needs  children.   Please  also  pray...


  • Good Morning Ephesus Church Family! Pray for me and my family and most of all pray for my mom I want the Lord to enter her life in a way not even she can believe. Please pray for my new business th...


  • Please pray for my financial situation and for the Lord to be praised as He works out all situations to His glory.


  • Please pray for my wife and I as we search for a new home to raise our newborn son. God Bless.

    Erik S.

  • I ask and pray to the Lord for blessings for my family who had surgery recently, restore there health and strength to your delight,I ask all this in Jesus name Amen.


  • Please pray for the restoration between myself and my daughter in Christ.  Also for the restoration of my parents relationship and clarity on my next move.  Also for the new business accounts that ...


  • Lord, send your angels to guard us every day,
    Command them to guide us in all of our affairs,
    Bid them to help us choose the right path,
    And ask them to keep watch over each of us ev...


  • Please pray for me. I am having issues in my workplace with my supervisor. thank you 


  • Please pray for Israel

    Please pray for Victims of Human Trafficking and their families

    Please pray for our Military and their families

    Please pray for our first responders a...

    Child of God

  • Please Pray with all your faith that GOD will Bless me  (Phil Chavez) with my

    Phil Chavez

  • Happy Sabbath Brothers and Sisters,

    Thank you very much for praying for me. God answered your prayers and I was successsful at my job interview and was awarded the job. It was a spiritual j...


  • I pray that the lord guides my family as we prepare to move to a new city. I pray that the lord is with us and this move and that he leads us into a place where we will be very happy.


  • My Heavenly Father,

               Humbly I ask that you will restore unity within...


  • I' am a 39 year old woman. I am in need of pray for my health. I have been feeling pain in my head, neck and buttocks. I need the pray line to pray with me and for me, that I will go to the doctor ...


  • Hello prayer warriors,

    On Wednesday July 31st, myself and 2 of my friends will be taking the Registered Nurse exam. Please intercede for us that we pass this test and receive our licenses. ...


  • Please pray for my nephews who, although raised in the church, have drifted and are experiencing deep spiritual and emotional issues.  Thank you.

    A Caring Aunt

  • Lord.. there is nothing that isn't possible with you as the leader in my life. My Marriage is not in the right place and I am doing all I can to be the good wife. But you already know what is and i...

    lost wife

  • Praying for a speedy divine intervention!!!  Passed intense course for a new and needed city job I know I will love.  Asked them to accommodate my Sabbath and the fact that I have an 8 yr old daugh...


  • Hello family!

    My name is Phill Vance jr and a few weeks ago I submitted requests all over asking for prayers that God would help me in my job search. At the time I was looking for anythi...

    Phill Vance JR

  • Please pray that God will grant me favour in receiving a job promotion. I have already done the job interview.

    Thank you



  • Please pray for a job & to trust God that he will provide for my needs financially. Please also pray for my family members who are not believers. Thank you!


  • Hi!

    Please, pray for my mother.She had a surgery and she is not doing well.She needs a miracle



  • Pray for my son to move in the right direction and surround him with Christian friends. Also, send him a Christian woman and give him motivation to finish his undergraduate degree. Help him to stop...

    Loving parent

  • Pl pray for me to overcome my financial problem and depression.


  • Lord Jesus, When I tempted to complain or have the wrong attitude bless me to remember the man I met who had only one arm and was driving, yet seemed happy and blessed.  A message to me and all tha...

    Chafes Ministries

  • I am in desperate need of prayer in this situation. My fiancée left me for someone else. He wants nothing to do with me. For almost 2 yrs he hs been without  a job and I took care of us including o...


  • I'm asking for prayers for faith, wisdom and understanding from Jesus and also to be more productive in my professional and personal lives.  I really need God's blessings right now.

    I furth...

    Angus Allen

  • Please pray for me.  Feeling life out of control/unorganized.  Needing God to cover me.  Wanting to be a good example to my family especially children and spouse and to lead them to Christ.  Also f...


  • please pray for my grandma she had broken her knee and i am worried she wont get better. she has had a broken knee for months now



  • Please pray for me that God will  provide me with financial breakthrough so that I can become debt free. Also, I need prayer for God to send me an Christian man who loves to worship the Lord and is...


  • Anonymous.

  • Please pray that God gives me a christian loving family/husband and children of my own that will be after God's own heart.


  • Please help me to pray for a new job so that I could  start my ministry financially. Also, I would like to meet a christian friend that will be a long term partner in this ministry. 

    Rose Walker

  • Please pray for my fiance and I so that we could get the job opportunity that will help us relocate to NC. We need other people to help us pray so that everything in terms of selling our home, sala...


  • Please pray that my friend, Tatianna seeks God in her future career goals so that her words and passions may touch the lives of others. Also allow her to accept guidance and criticism while followi...


  • Pray for my girlfriend, daughter, and I that we may overcome various challenges and come closer to God. Bless us spiritually, physically, and financially, hear my humble cry.


  • Lord Jesus I have cousins in the church who have children in college and who have children who have graduated with more maturity and professionalism than me, and I am old enough to be their mother....

    Northeastern Alumni

  • Please pray that we can get along as a nation and stop the hatred.  Please heal the racial divide that still unfortunately exists to some degree in our country.


  • Please pray for me as I try to get back into the habit of going to church regularly. Ive been having trouble since breaking up with a guy who was SDA & lied about his lifestyle. I hope to find peop...

    Name Withheld

  • pray for my marriage  


  • Please pray for my grandmother she has the flu and not doing so well please pray for her..

    Zoe Smith 

    Zoe Smith

  • Please pray that my little girl starts to speak and that she gets the help that she needs to do so.  Thanks


  • Please pray for me that God will answer my prayers after 6 years.

    36 year old woman

  • Lord Jesus, Please if it be your will allow me to complete my summer courses well enough to test out so I do not have to take the same courses over next term and be well enough for Rehab keep their...


  • Happy 90th Anniversary,

    Sending  many blessings to the Ephesus Family.  Giving thanks for blessings received and good health.  Sending out prayers for all ...

    From: The Parker Family

  • Pray that God Sees my fiancé's struggle but willingness to learn more about The Lord and that he decides to give his life to Christ. 


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  • I have been diagnosed with cancer and need special prayer for healing. Thank you.


  • Please pray for me, I have been unfaithful to my wife, I need the power of the Holy Spirit to help escape the grips of these lustful demons that I have become enslaved to.


    Elder MD

  • Please pray for me as my health continues to be a challenge.  I know God is able.


  • Please pray that God opens my eyes and ears to hear and see the direction He desires me to take with this young man, Nick. Please ask that I follow His will and not my own in whatever transpires be...


  • hi ,please pray for my sister stefannie  and her new job she

    evereth beckford

  • Please pray that the strongholds in me and my family's lives will be broken--in particular, deliverance, healing, and restoration. Also, an enemy has me in court with very evil intentions. Please p...


  • Please pray that I become who God wants me to be, and that I live an unreserved life for him


  • Please pray for my friend and the mother of his children. Pray that despite their differences they will speak peace and love to one another in the raising or their children. They are no longer toge...


  • I Love the Lord so much because he hears my prayers. He takes me out of situations, He walks with me wherever I go, He talks to me all day long, He allows me to be me and not judge me if I do somet...


  • Please pray for my Aunt who is going through great turmoil in her life in the past couple years. It has effected her spiritual, mentally, and emotional. Also, that she may be reunited with her chil...


  • Please Pray that little baby Eva is brought back to her mother's arms to raise for Jesus in the U.S. She is not living in a safe place and we pray for a miracle soon!


  • God has blessed me above measure and I am thankful. I am praying for continued strength as a servant leader as I continue to educate young children and myself. Praying for completion of BA Degree, ...

    servant leader

  • Please pray for my spiritual life and my battle with temptation. I desire to be used by God.

    Thanks and God be with you


  • Hi Ephesus church family, please pray for my son's good health as he is now father for his baby girl, so he can perform his responsibility to his new familty. Please pray also for my sister who has...


  • Please pray for me and my son Gray who are being tormented by demons. For the past few months we h...


  • A prayer request for healing and strenght, I was diagnose with cancer, and as I walk thru the valey of death,I will fear no evil, for the Lord is with me. Amen


  • Prayer for my family, mother and grandmother. Praying that God will provide answers regarding my relationship and restore fully my relationship with him.


  • I would like the church to please pray for my finances and to possibly find a second job for the summer. Also, if the church can pray that I get into a graduate school for Spring 2014. I am applyin...

    C. Smith

  • Please pray that the Lord guide the doctors hands through my daughter-in-law (Tracy) open-heart surgery on November 14, 2013.  That the operation will be a success, and she will come through safely...


  • Please pray for my family's job situations. Also for a financial break through that has been in the making for almost two years; that God's will be done and the glory given only to Him. May God ble...


  • Happy Sabbath, praise God, I'm asking for Prayer this morning because I'm Physically down with Sciaticia and unable to attend service this morning. I've been home ill since Thursday and I just ask ...

    Sister Deborah Jardine

  • I was like you to pray for my family especially my dad. He need deliverance from his current situation. I would also like you to pray that my immigration application get accepted.


  • My mother and I never had a close relationship. She has hurt me in numerous ways as a child and continues to do so. I am praying for the Lord to help me to forgive her and to help me to honor her a...


  • Please pray that the Lord will give me wisdom and understanding, knowledge and discernment, prudence and ins...


  • I want to thank GOD for my many blessings like my new job and I want to pray to be come a better disciple of the LORD spreading his word and his message of love and salvation...

    Quentin Jones

  • Please pray for my family as we make a difficult health decision & for healing. God bless.


  • Please pray for my sister to restore her belief in God and for deliverance from Satan's attacks. 


  • Please pray for victory in my case>May I get my green card very soon.Thank you for prayer support.


  • Hello Church:

    I am writing from Alberta, Canada.  I am a new Adventist and have been trying to reach out to my family. My sister Jessica is in New York and Lives in

    # 111, East Linc...

    Emili Gomez

  • My family, friends and I have been praying for my health recently.  I ask the church for the same.  That being said I thank God for what he is already doing for me because I have been feeling a bit...


  • Please pray for my grandmother she has the flu and not doing so well




  • Please pray for my friend Jaffar Toombs as he deals with a hernia in his stomach that he's having surgery for let the doctors hands be anointed and may he have a speedy recovery.


  • I have been living in economic turmoil -- Having lost my job in 2008 at the beginning of this country's economic down spiral I have utilized all "so called" retirement funds, but thanked God every ...


  • Please pray for employment and finances for rent


    crystal vines

  • Now I lay me down to sleep I pray the Lord my soul to keep if I should die before I wake I pray the Lord my soul to take, without continuing to be underemployed. Lard as the oldest adult child in m...

    Northeastern Academy

  • Dear Lord please help me to get my job back if it is your will. Thank you so much for being there for me every time. Let Thy Will be done in my life.    

     My prayer request is for You God t...


  • Lord You are Good and Your Mercy endureth forever.  Thank You Lord Jesus for Salvation for my son Eddie and his family.  Thanks and God Bless you all.